With the purchase of AQUAMANTRA water, we will donate a full meal to a child in need in the United States.

We are proud to partner with local food banks all across the nation to help hungry children in our own backyards. Please visit our parent company at for more information about our mission to win the war against childhood hunger in the United States. Our 2016 goal is to be feeding 1 million meals a month to children in need across the United States.

AQUAMANTRA is refreshingly pure Natural Spring Water that moves through abundant aquifers to produce safe and superior water with a neutral pH balance. There’s nothing added to our water except TLC creating a soft and smooth taste.

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Taste the difference… say the mantras… stimulate your soul!

We are also grateful for our relationship with (add link to a separate window) to continue to help children both physically and mentally. CMH is dedicated to empowering disadvantaged youth through free educational and arts programs that build empathy and global citizenry.

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2016 is a year of Jubilee, success, joy and lots of love!  AQUAMANTRA has turned 10 years old this year and is taking a new direction. Stay tuned for what is to come, which is destined to be a good future for all. Water is the source of life and with all the 'chemical' additions to our food and beverages, why not choose water that is healthy, pure and fresh from California's own Mt. Palomar in San Diego.  Fresh natural spring water with positive affirmations to remind you of how healthy and loved you are. At this time, AQUAMANTRA can be purchased online.