February 9, 2010, AQUAMANTRA was proud to attended a Valentine's Day Oscar Gifting event where celebrities come to be pampered, loved and to enjoy the holiday and award season. It was incredibly rewarding to get back in touch with some fabulous celebrities who appreciated our purpose of gifting! Old friendships renewed and new ones made, how does it get any better?
Gilles Marini from Brothers and Sisters Dawn Olivieri from Heroes
Megyn Price from Rules Of Engagement Kim Whitley loves her Organic Tote
Ed O'Neil from Modern Family Maiara Walsh from Desperate Housewives
Lauren Velez from Dexter Bridget Marquardt from Girls Next Door
Christopher McDonald from Barry Munday James Kyson Lee from Heroes
Charlie Sexton from Hung Kathy Joosten from Desperate Housewives
Deidre Hall from Days Of Our Lives Antonio Sabato Jr. from My Antonio
Chris Harrison, host of The Bachelor Maria Conchita Alonzo from Courage
Kevin Farley from Last Call At Murphy's Morgan Fairchild from Jungle Juice
Ken Howard, SAG President Linda Howard, Stuntwoman
Ted McGinley from The Note Sofia Milos from CSI: Miami

Natural Products Expo West, 2009 was a smashing success! We introduced and launched our first ever 100% Biodegradable and Recyclable bottles - due out in May. We had an unbelievable whirlwind of support and love from the buyers and exhibitors - we are grateful to be a part of the future of food. Its a great place to be!

AQUAMANTRA's wall of water!
This is the AQUAMANTRA Team
ENSO Bottles are the solution we've been waiting for!
We released information about the first to market 100% biodegradable and Recyclable bottles
AQUAMANTRA makes us feel like this? How about you?
Anna handing out I AM GRATEFUL Stickers!
Feeling the love!
Sure... I feel Loved, I'm in the AQUAMANTRA Booth!
Happy buyer with her stylish organic tote!
Alexandra and Ambassador Julie
Creators of AQUAMANTRA showing off the landfill~ ewwww.
Featured in the new products section beautiful bottles.
Sure I'm feeling Lucky!
ENSO Family - we are so Grateful!
Fellow Exhibitors from Greenmedica - showing the love

The Conscious Life Expo, February 13th, 14th and 15th at the LAX Hitlon. AQUAMANTRA was a smashing hit and we had a ton of fun while we were there! We SOLD out of AQUAMANTRA - special thanks to Becky and Danielle.

AQUAMANTRA Advisors Gary and Sharon
Busy sharing the message about AQUAMANTRA
The Talented and Beautiful Becky and Danielle - AQUAMANTRA Brand Ambassadors~!
Mmmmmm... consciousness and water - how does it get any better than this?
Happiness does come in a bottle!
Always have been.... what about you?
Sharing the love with a rose and good peeps!
Kui is so totally loving being Lucky!
Now that is a happy customer! How does it get any better?
Big fans of AQUAMANTRA Cary Herman and the beauty!
Families loving AQUAMANTRA
Entrepeneurs loving AQUAMANTRA!

February 2009, AQUAMANTRA attended a Valentine's Day Oscar Gifting event where celebrities come to be pampered, loved and to enjoy the holiday and award season. This event was held at Cafe la Boheme and we met some fabulous celebrities who appreciated our purpose of gifting!
How beautiful is Gratitude?
Cafe la Boheme was the perfect hot spot!
Creator Alexandra Teklak and Ambassador Lori Gee getting ready for the event
How does it get any better than a hug from Lou Ferrigno?
Ambassador Julie Lori with the gorgeous Jane Booke and the delightful Melanie Griffith
Models love AQUAMANTRA feel the love
The beautiful Alice Greczyn from "Priviledged" and "Lincoln Heights"
Eric Roberts - feeling LUCKY, as usual!
Ah the Lovely Tia Carrere and Esia Morales (favorites at this event, just full of so much happiness)
Stacey Keibler and Geoff Stolz always sharing the love and gratitude!
Desiree and Kenyon Glover with a lucky friend!
Look at that love! There was a huge orb in this photo, the love was in the air!
Alexandra's Favorite HERO Greg Grunberg or "Matt Parkman" the thought hearing Stud from "HEROES"
Lori with Mark Christopher Lawren the funny from "Chuck"
Smiling and beaming with joy! James Avery
You know her, you love her Mrs. McClusky from Desparate Housewives - Miss Kathy Joosten
Catherine Oxenburg and her lovely honey Casper Van Dien
How blessed are we to see William Shatner!
Tony Dovolani from Dancing with the Stars
Who doesn't love Kym Whitley
How beautiful is her face!
Yes, that is Robert David Hall from CSI
Actor Damian Chapa and his gorgeous friend, happy to be feeling the love.
We were Lucky to hang out with Hector Elizando!
Michael Welch from Twilight and Marissale
Rumer Willis and Micah Alberti ready to tote AQUAMANTRA with their new organic Jute bags
Mark Christopher Lawren feeling the Love of AQUAMANTRA
Melanie Griffith so 'gets' the Love!
Editor of Glitterati Magazine Spencer Seymour and his fabulous friend loving being loved!
AQUA Ambassador Lori with Glynn Turman recently seen in "In Treatment"

The Compass World Premiere Party, The world premiere party was held at The Grove of Anaheim on February 8, 2009. Those who attended the world premiere party, where treated to a red carpet event featuring Hypnogaja, a live auction, a silent auction, cocktail reception, and the world premiere screening of The Compass. AQUAMANTRA was in the hands of all the VIP Attendees.

Les Brown and some leading ladies
John and his wife Kelly introducing the film
Debbie Allen, Collete Carlson being so GRATEFUL!
Alexandra, John Spencer Ellis ( Producer of The Compass) and "Awakening" Author Alicia Ashley
Producer of this event, showing how Loved he is!
T. Harv Eker from "The Millionaire Mind"

March 2008, Natural Products Expo West, AQUAMANTRA showed up in the Natural and Organics industry with over 5000 other vendors, but no one throws a LOVE FEST like we do! Below are the highlights, including seeing Mary Lou Henner come by our booth. Thank you to all our lovely Ambassadors for all their help.
Happy Drinkers!
Creators of AQUAMANTRA thrilled to have made it.
Mary Lou Henner stops by to show her support
Ambassador Miss Tanya Brown sharing the love.
Ambassador Julie sharing I AM HEALTHY at an industry gathering.
Adam Stern from Bevnet.com came by to show support.
Our crew rocked it! THANKS TO ALL!


February 2008, Conscious Life Expo, AQUAMANTRA was the exclusive water of choice for one of the more fun experiences in our line of work. We met some amazing people as you'll see below, and we learned about more about the 2012 event in the 2012 conference. We received LOVE from so many wonderful vendors and people and we thank everyone for continued support in helping us raise consciousness in humanity, its working!
AQUAMANTRA Shares the Love!
Healer Sujon Datta and Alexandra in Joy to be there!
Always Celebrating Life!
The amazing author Alicia Ashley and friend, enjoying life!
The REMARKABLE Dr. Joe Dispenza listens as Alexandra shares the story with him, how two years earlier, at a book signing she told him she was going to create a water company that would raise consciousness... he was thrilled to see our fruition! Thanks for the inspiration Dr. Joe!
Happy Times with Happy Water
2012 Panel sharing their thoughts and feelings
Ambassador Tracey, I AM LUCKY and Sean David Morton, who is an inspiration to us all!
There were only two people allowed to ask questions of the panel... and Alexandra was one of them! (Thanks Charissa!)
Celebrating, loving and sharing life! This was our fun crew at the Conscious Life Expo!


May 18th, Creator Alexandra was invited to Mallika Chopra's Book Signing Party for 100 Questions From My Child and 100 Promises to my Baby. Her dad, Deepak Chopra was there to speak and afterwards we went to a premiere screening of his new film The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, produced also by his daughter and son. Deepok signed a copy of everyone's free gift, which was his new book Buddha. It was a wonderful day, filled with insight and great experiences.
Deepak has amazing energy with deep wisdom and insight, I just wanted to hug him all day!
Mallika, getting ready to speak on behalf of her amazing books
Aquamantra was the beverage of choice for the event, loved by all
Deepak, telling an amazing story about his grandchild
Press, including EXTRA TV came out to hear what Deepak and his daughter had to say
Little kids, LOVE Aquamantra, this little guy would not let go!
At the screening, I had Deepak sign my book.
Pretty exciting! Another book signed by another Hero!
May17th-21st~ I Can Do It Conference, Las Vegas, NV We loaded up and headed for fabulous Las Vegas and the 20th Anniversary of the HayHouse "I can do it" conference. We were so lucky to have been given a full pass to the conference and to meet such inspiring people as Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Stuart Wilde and Doreen Virtue.
Dr. Emoto preparing for a radio broadcast
Dr. Northrope and Louise Hay (with a HUGE orb)
Miranda is LUCKY with Lousie Hay
Aquamantra Ambassador, Ish, is LUCKY too.

May 17th ~Emerson Fitness Hall Wellness Fair, 2 Year Anniversary Party, West Hollywood, CA This was a wonderful event where most of the Celebs and trainers had already experienced the fabulousness of Aquamantra. We are grateful to be invited to such activities. Thanks Stacy and Mark.

Alexandra with some new freinds--showing off the Mini's!
He loves the Mini's!
Now that's a girl who LOVES her water!
They make it look easy.
Danielle and Billie, our Demo Divas sharing the Love with the Patrons of Emerson Hall Fitness!

May 12th ~ FAME, Fibromyalgia Awareness Means Everything, Wellness Fair, California State Fullerton, Orange, CA This event was a wellness expo to help Fibromyalgia patients learn the best solutions for their well-being and we shared the Mini's for the first time.
Mini Mantra's Are Here!!
Aquamantra Ambassador Tracey
Tracey & Alexandra
A Lucky Kiss!

May 6 ~ Carlsbad Street Fair, Carlsbad, CA Aquamantra was excited to share a booth space with the Sacred Pathway where we shared our mission with the Carlsbad Street Fair and Alex gave away FREE HUGS!!
Keepin' cool and drinking "I am Lucky"
Creators Derek & Alexandra
Derek made sure there was plenty of ice cold water on hand
Enjoying an ice cold bottle of "I am Healthy"

April 21st/22nd in Pasadena, we attended the Conscious Living Fair which was also a great event. We met a lot of amazing people and received even more wonderful support.
This event was outside and inside, people of all walks of life learning more about the ability to create consciousnesss.
Aquamantra Brand Ambassadors Billie and Danielle
She's lucky in Love!

April 21st/22nd we supported Topanga Canyon Earth Day. It was beautiful on Saturday and Sunday Mother Earth showered all over herself, in her own way, she made it fun.
There were bands, booths with jewelry and shirts, great food all healthy of course, an art gallery and plenty of smiles.
We know kids love Aquamantra!
This cutie walked up to our booth, took this BIG bottle and then sat right down in his stroller. He knows. :-)

April 3rd & 4th, Art of Allowing Workshop by Esther and Jerry Hicks sharing the teachings of ABRAHAM. It was truly amazing and answered so many more questions we love to ask. But most importantly, please take the time to visit their site www.abraham-hicks.com , it is truly worth the journey... LOVE IT!
Creators Gabi, Cathy and Alexandra excited!
Esther Hicks was kind enough to share a smile with Creator Alexandra.
Our Beautiful Friends the ORBS were there too, in abundance.
March 17, In the Celebration of the Season for Nonviolence, Agape Peace Ministry hosted the Agape Peace Film Festival. Creator Alexandra Teklak, had an opportunity to see the Los Angeles Premiere of Living Luminaries, the new film featuring Michael Bernard Beckwith, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson & others. The amazing speakers from the film were there, as well as a lot of other entities, we like to refer to as Orbs.
Meeting Rev. Michael Beckwith was an absolute honor. He was happy to take a bottle of I AM LOVED, we felt that was appropriate for the man of love himself. Creator Alexandra, focused on meeting him only one month earlier. The universe brought them together.
These magnificent teachers have a following from around the universe, the orbs were love beauty at its finest. It was an honor just to be in the presence all of these Luminaries, including Director Larry J. Kurnarsky and Producer Michael J Lasky as well, of course of an Aquamantra favorite Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith.
If you look closely you can see an image inside the orb so close to Michael, however, I'm sure he has several that follow him around everywhere he goes. What a tremendous site. We just wanted to share with you!

March 9, 10, 11 Aquamantra attended our first ever Natural Products West Expo in Anaheim. We went up against some of the big water companies, and some other smaller waters. The consenses to us was that we were the most innovative, planet friendly, loving water there! We met so many fabulous people from the Press, retailers from all over the nation and other manufacturers from across the globe. Below are pics of our fabulous and beautiful booth as well, as the after partyhttp://aquamantra.com. got to have fun, always! Aquamantra is officially on the map and will continue its growth to be the best selling bottled water in the world!
We were calling this the wall of water~
Fabulous Demo Queens Danielle and Lora
Our girls are so amazing, sharing the love~
Master Lora showing the water off deliciously.
Alexandra's proud mother, Mur Doherty
John who manufacturers our Fabulous Labels with the ladies
Lora and Andria having fun!
Having fun at the booth educating the masses, go girlz!
Aquamantra friends Kimiko, Alexandra and Alicia
Founders of Aquamantra, OG Creators! Alexandra & Derek
Look Closely! There are tons of ORBS coming to Party with all the attendees. It was good times for all!

February 24th, Berkeley Springs hosted an International Bottled Water competition. Now before we entered the competition, Creator Alexandra, photoshopped the graphic below. Taking the award graphic from Berkeley Spring's website. She printed it out and put it on her computer and starred at it periodically for a month before the competition. Aquamantra was awarded the GOLD BEST TASTING BOTTLED water for 2007, over 100 other contestants and 12 other countries! 1 out of 3 that we entered, not so bad! The Secret works.and this is our proof!

February 23rd and 24th, Aquamantra was invited to Melanie Segal's Platinum Oscar Luxury Suite. Where others offered chocolate, cameras, flat irons, jewelry and shoes, we offered enlightment thru Aquamantra giving tasters of I AM LUCKY, I AM LOVED and I AM HEALTHY. We met some really cool Hollywood hangouts, but we were most excited about meeting Michael Ardnt who was the screenwriter for "Little Miss Sunshine". We gave him an I AM LUCKY and said, "you are so going to win!" and he did. Although, he wasn't eager to endorse us before he knew what we were about. That's okay plenty of celebs were happy to spread consciousness about Aquamantra's Mission. It was a true blast of fun!
Melanie Segal's Platinum Oscar Suite We had a raffle for the What's your Mantra contest.
Alexandra and Joey Lauren from Desparate Housewives Rachel Melvin from Days of our Lives
Jay Rodriguez from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Aquamantra Team, Lori, Gail and Alexandra
So beautiful! Kristy Frank who sings "Pearls like me" from her new album Freedom
Alexandra and Nischelle Turner from Good Day LA Fox 11 Lisa D'Amato and Joannie Dodd from America's Top Model
Lori with up-and coming Hottie Kathi Hilton took a case of I AM LOVED to her daughter's birthday luncheon to share the LOVE
Alexandra with favorite Angela Kinsey from "The Office" Leslie David Becker was super fun and cool, we told him He IS LOVED!
The beautiful sunset at the rooftop of the Hyatt on Sunset Blvd.
Actress Marla Sokoloff from "The Practice" Aquamantra with Christine Devine from Fox 11 News
Disney stars love Aquamantra! We love ANDO and HIRO from HEROES our #1 Favorite show, James Kyson Lee got a warm welcome when he came to our booth!
Jeffrey Nording from Courtney Cox' show DIRT on FX Channel Lori got a photo with another of Aquamantra favorites Chris Kattan
Alexandra and Jason Graham, from the series SHARK, but we know Jason will win an Oscar some day soon! Leslie David Becker (RUN from RunDMC) I AM HEALTHY is the water of choice, these singers know what is important!
Funny that Sex in the City star Evan Handler picked I AM LUCKY! Anna Marie Horsford confessed to using THE SECRET, which landed her a re-occuring role on our favorite Grey's Anatomy, she was giggling because she had died on the show and they used in a death experience, but she manifested the job!Go Anna Marie!
Derek with Kimberly Robin up-and-coming Actress Mr. 90210 Ian Ziering and from the new season of Dancing with Stars
Veenie Mahmoud and her fabulous mom, they were the GMA Princess for a week and we like to call her a Master Manifestor! Derek is really explaining our concept to Justin Krzyston
Sexy Models Kate and Stina Janice Dickerson Modeling Agency loving Aquamantra Derek and Model Mojo Hunter sharing the LOVE.
CSI star Jason and Alexandra Justin Krzyston and Aquamantra's Sandra Hoyle loving the LUCKY!
Actor Victor Webster and Alexandra truly supported Aquamantra Stacy Keibler from Dancing with the Stars, totally supports Aquamantra, she just saw the Secret!
Sarah Rue from Less than Perfect television show Tania Cooley from Real World bonding with I AM LOVED and Aquamantra's Derek Teklak
Zee Thomas and her friend, and the dog were Loving Aquamantra, and talking about the Secret! Thank you to Melanie, Charles, Reeve and Colleen for a wonderful event!

This is SO EXCITING!~ Mary- 12 amazing spirit guides channeled thru Jacque Nelson, from Chicago,came to our little home town of Dana Point. This is a one - time special event, hosted by Aquamantra to ask directly to Mary the questions, of how to be the best Creator possible. The event is titled, "Experiencing Ourselves as Creators" and promises to be a beautiful, joyful and intriguing journey where we know you will be grateful you came. If you want to learn more CLICK HERE to learn more and hear our Creator, Alexandra Teklak speaking directly with Mary. This truly was a remarkable dayhttp://aquamantra.com. our minds definitely received powerful information. Stay tuned to hear the event on our website.

Don, Alexandra and Jacque (AKA MARY)
During a break Tricia talking with Jacque
We learned SO much at this event. Stay tuned for a posting of what this event was all about!
New Friends
Long time Companions

Aquamantra was the only water company selling water at the 5th Annual Conscious Life Expo, this Year. We were sothrilled and Super Excited about being at this event,and there was so many great facets to this Expohttp://aquamantra.com. what a year to be spreading consciousness. It was an amazing show, we had so much support and love from Aquamantra drinkers all over California. As well, we met some pretty fantastic people, healers and teachers. Make sure to mark your calendar for next year!
Our Booth filled with Aquamantra Water

2006 Events

A Magical Day & Night with Shankari & Friends - September 28th 2006

Aquamantra enjoyed a wonderful day and evening at the Shankari & Friends gathering in Santa Monica on September 28th. Everyone at the event was able to participate in aura readings, massages, energy healing and were also given bottles of Aquamantra for their inspiration and hydration throughout the event!

Thank you Aquamantra for sharing your experiences with us!
See our bottles do fit in your back pocket!


Roxy Jam at Cardiff Longboard Surfing Competition raised over $11,000 for the San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy. It was the first annual event in Cardiff, California a beautiful sleepy beach town. It was held Saturday/Sunday September 23rd/24th. Aquamantra sold water to the passerby's and beach goesers alike, all loved the water. The best part is that we gave I AM LUCKY Water to some of the contestantshttp://aquamantra.com. and they won! Below there are two beautiful girls, who bought I AM LUCKY before they entered the raffle to win a surfboard. Both girls bought Aquamantra and both girls won! We have firm believers, Aquamantra I AM LUCKY really does work!

Early in the AM
I am lucky making its rounds!
Gorgeous Day!
This little cutie won her division drinking I AM LUCKY!
Jennifer Useldinger, from Santa Cruz came in 1st for Paddle, drinking I AM LUCKY she knows!
Newcomers loving Aquamantra.
Working with a smile always!
San Diego embraces Aquamantra with a smile on a hot day!
Tara was sampling to contest viewers.
I AM LUCKY, the popular Choice.
Toni and Sinikka from San Diego, both purchased I AM LUCKY before the raffle and then they won! They look pretty happy to the left huh? No Kidding!
Even the band was drinking Am
Family of Love All about Aquamantra!


Skin Deep Grand Re-Opening - August 29th

Aquamantra attended this extraordinary event at Skin Deep Spa in Huntington Beach and we had a blast mingling with the locals. Skin Deep showed off its new and beautiful retail section that sells a variety of boutique gifts from spa goodies to Aquamantra water! Everyone at the event enjoyed cocktails, raffle prizes and of course all sampled our fabulous water! We are so happy for Deborah, the owner of Skin Deep, and her successful expansion of her wonderful spa!

Summer introducing Aquamantra
Skin Deep Display
An enthusiastic Aquamantra Fan!
Yes, I will support Aquamantra


August 6th, The Living Room Salon hosted the third annual Surfrider Foundation evening extravaganza to benefit ocean conservation. Aquamantra’s Co-creators Alexandra, Derek and Sandra were there in support showering . Celebrity guests Paris Hilton, Jillian Barberie, Molly Sims, Kevin and Christine Costner -- personal friends of salon owner Lacey Cammarata -- and the cast of "Laguna Beach," among others,were happily introduced to Aquamantra’s I AM LUCKY. As were all the other celebrity poker players, they were all hoping to gain the “upper hand” over each other. Everybody won while sipping I AM LUCKY! We look forward to next year’s fund raising celebration.

Art the bouncer holding tight to I AM LUCKY
This was a great! Event!
Alexandra introducing I AM LUCKY to Jillian Barberie
What is she thinking?
Kevin Costner was on hand to share the Luck.
Aquamantra was Abundant
Friends of Aquamantra
Co-Creators enjoying a summer eve


August 4th, 7's in the Sand - Back Bay Rugby Tournament: Aquamantra went out to support the Back Bay Rugby team in a fun-filled day of rugged rugby playing. Teams from all over came out to play for a cash prize and to drink the fabulous Aquamantra which we provided for the teams, coaches and referrees! We also set up a booth, gave out samples and met many cool peeps in Huntingon Beach who loved the taste of our water, how could they not!

Aquamantra at the beach sexy!
Rugby Teams LOVE Aquamantra
Think I am Loved, Be Loved
Huntington Beach Loves Aquamantra
Beautiful Babies Love Aquamantra
Am Team, serving the beach comers
Which one are you?
All the rugby players picked I AM LUCKY
Wanna get Lucky?
Aquamantra popular? You Bet!


July 20th, Hoag Hospital teamed with 552 Club Movie Premiere for Lady in the Water, it was a tasty affair! Locals came out to support the cancer research by participating in this event. It was awesome for Aquamantra, it was hot and everyone was thirstyhttp://aquamantra.com. so much so that we ran out of water 350 bottles! It was quite the turnout, the event coordinators were so friendly and the food truly was divine. When we invite you guys to come, you should come! Our events are amazing. Thank you Terry!

This is our littlest Am Drinker to-Date!
Hot and beautiful
Lov'n the water
Tara scored a spot in the Shade!
Fashion Island was a bustle!
Am Team, such a rough life we have
Its okay Men LOVE I am Loved!
Poppy & Mia Moore with the Fabulous Patty


July 19th, Spa Gregorie's Wellness Rocks! Anti-Aging Festival

Aquamantra had a delightful time at the Wellness Rocks event at Spa Gregories. We spent the evening getting to know the wonderful clients of Spa Gregorie's as well as some of their fabulous vendors. We gave away bottles of Aquamantra of which our I AM LOVED was passed the quickest! We were defenitely around a group of loved individuals! Everyone enjoyed Sue Berman's 1/2 hour hypnotherapy sessions held at the event, even our own Sandra sat in on a session to ease her mind! Many friendships were made at this fun event for which we at Aquamantra are grateful!
Thanks Spa Gregorie's!

Sandra and New Aquamantra Drinker
This water is awesome, I'm so Lucky!
The lovely Tara as ALWAYS
Yes, I will support Aquamantra
What a perfect picture.
I love my I AM LUCKY


July 17, Aquamantra visited the gorgeous and talented Ozomatli, masters of music with spunk and fabulous rhythm. We met up with them at the Orange County fair and listened to them jamhttp://aquamantra.com. but as you will see so did a lot of people! The heat and their performance gave them good reason to guzzle down some of our delicious Natural Spring Water. We love you Ozomatli.

Asdrubal chooses I AM LUCKY
Shef made some suggestions for new waters!
So Hot on Stage!
Summer and Derek rock'n to OZO
Am Ladies, Always living Fabulously!
You can see it! Orbs love Ozomati
Justin was amazing. Go See them NOW!
This photo has not been altered at all. These guys were jamm'n so well all the orbs, energy beings came out to see them!
This is a close up of the one in the upper right hand corner.
Sklyan LOVING the show with some guidance from an orb
Fun at the fair with Ozomatli
Band Shot with littlest Fan Skylan & Ambassador Mom, Jen
Jiro keeping tune to I AM HEALTHY


July 15, The beautiful and delightful Fragile Hearts Foundation, shared Aquamantra with its VIPs in the 4th annual LOVE IS Pro/Celeb Tennis Tournament Benefit Weekend. Although, it was blazing hot we spotted the lovely Gwen Stefani and her husband keeping cool with some of our Aquamantra, Kingston is absolutely adorable! Gavin should have gotten an award for playing as much tennis as he did, maybe that's why he was drinking so much I AM LUCKY! It was our pleasure to sponsor this event, it was a fun time in the NB.
Checking in? Drink some Aquamantra!
Look how VIP get treated!
Is this really good?
Fabulous New Am Lover John with Tracey
Kids love Aquamantra
Founders Storme, Ariel and Joe Sweet
Gavin Rossdale downing I AM LUCKY


June 15, at the Lido Theater in Newport Beach we sponsored a very special viewing of the film Mind Over Matter, A Spiritual Journey, a film by Scott Gerow. "The director, who is also one of the film's subjects, draws the audience into his world; then we watch as it crumbles, devastated as life is stolen away from the promising young man we have gotten to know. We witness as Scott gently prods his father about sticking to his diet and comforts both his parents through the divorce. Never does he give in to bitterness or despair, even when his death becomes inevitable." The screening was to support National Brain Tumor Foundation, Orange County Angel Adventure. It was our pleasure to support.

Marquee at Lido Theater
Aquamantra is also Mind Over Matter
Happy AM Drinkers
All these people were drinking AM
There was tons of support
Creators enjoying the Day's Creations
Scott's Family Speaking
This ORB we believe was Scott
When Scott's Mom spoke look at all the ORBS that were paying attention. An ORB is an entity or a spirit as we might know the term better. They come to our plane, the plane of matter and materialize so we can see them in particle form. The brighter they are the longer they've been here ( in moments that is). There was one VERY bright one as you see above It had to be Scott, so proud of all that has been accomplished in his absence.


June 13th, Jesse Fortune, the fabulous artist of I AM HEALTHY and I AM LUCKY, to whom we are ever so grateful, showcased his work in Newport Beach at Sol Grill. It was a beautiful collaboration of art, water and great conversation. Newport Beach welcomed Aquamantra abundantly with delicious desire! Thanks Sol Grill.

Local Newport Hangout : Sol Grill
"This is the coolest water!"
Newest Aquamantra Staff & Jesse
Loving this water!
How great is this water?
Creators Unite!
Children, Especially love Aquamantra!


June 8th, We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit us and participate in our Mantra Drawing at the Business Women Series and Expo event on June 8, 2006. This event was an inspiration to Aquamantra as a women owned business. We had a wonderful time meeting new and interesting people. The mantras that everyone created for themselves and shared were amazing as well! the winner of our Trilogy and Burke Williams Spa Package was Robert McCannel, a jewelry designer from the Little Black Dress.

The Introduction table where the Mantra Magic happens
Tara and Happy Mantra Contestants
Robert McCannel is the happy winner!
Our President and Marketing Director
Tara Micalizzi, wearing her I AM LUCKY shirt ( which anyone can purchase online at our SHOP AQUAMANTRA STORE ) wins for the 2nd time today!


  • May 30, Tuesday evening at 6:00pm, University of Masters iinterviewed Creator Alexandra Teklak, to talk about the process of making your dreams a reality. This hour long interview was noted as "inspiration and worth listening to." Click here to Listen to it!
Master Teachers are committed to Excellence; Providing Methods and Support for members to Succeed in all Their Endeavors. They have all kinds of great interviews worth listening to.


  • May 20, 2006: RAMTHA in Hollywood and Aquamantra was the water featured for everyone to drink.

Aquamantra was in full force, our entire team went to see Ramtha the enlightened one. The experience was amazing as to be expected. Aquamantra volunteered to pass out water to the attendees of this RSE event and our water was warmly welcomed by the attendees. We were grateful to have been there and have Ramtha visit us in Los Angeles.

We gave out 300 bottles and they were ALL gone!
Aquamantra Staff
People loving Aquamantra
Aquamantra is a hit!
Ramtha - The Enlightened One
Fans of Aquamantra
Students of Ramtha (Ecuador Class)
Loving the water : Understanding the Message



  • Learning Annex: JZ Knight "Create your day" Seminar, January 31, 2006

In our search for information, we checked out the fascinating seminars put on by JZ Knight. The format in which Ramtha's teachings are conveyed is intrinsic to the message itself. The teachings are not simply an intellectual dissertion on specific subject or a mere intellectual anaylsis of them, nor are they a form of revealed truth that requires the blind allegiance of faith. The teachings are a system of thought that contains within its approach to reality the elements and mechanisms that allow the individual to engage Ramtha's philosophy and verify and experience its content first hand.

Alexandra & Sandra learn how to "Create the Day"
Workshop with JZ Knight where people learned how to Remote View
Alexandra meets JZ and gets her "Bleep" book signed
Aquamantra Ambassador Tracey and Jay practice Remote Viewing


W.O.W. Festival (Walk on Water) : January 21, 2006

This was an amazing festival where there were great speakers like Dick Sutphen and Christiane Schull, but we really went there to see Dr. Masaru Emoto in person. Dr. Emoto talked for a couple of hours in depth about how much water truly plays a role in our lives. He showed slides on his water and the beautiful crystal shapes, he spoke about how we can erase clouds! We're not kidding, we tried it and it totally works. Then he spoke about how is passion is to invoke love into water and the amazing results from his experiments. He made it clear, that since water is affected by thought, that major events involving water, like Tsunami's could most definitely be brought on by a massive group of negative thought. If you ever get a chance to see him in person, it might just be the most valuable education you learn about this year.

Our Aquamantra Team meets Dr. Emoto and his son Hiro. We showed him our Mantra Water.