AQUAMANTRA was create in 2005 and purchased by Sababa Beverages LLC in December of 2015.


AQUAMANTRA is a brand that “stimulates your soul” with positive emotive mantras.

AQUAMANTRA is a beautiful combination of mental stimulation and quantum science, which salutes the explanations of energy and consciousness. Through the mantras, the affirmations developed for each bottle of water can affect our planet and the people living in it.

From one single thought in 2005, Alexandra Kavanah, original creator of AQUAMANTRA Water, develop a brand of water that inspires the way we think about what we drink… If words printed on a bottle of water can change the molecular structure to look as beautiful as Dr. Masaru Emoto shows in his books “Hidden Messages from Water”, then what does the water taste like? That’s where it all began.

It was her dream that AQUAMANTRA would guide those who were ready to tap into their subconscious by bringing forward the desire for a better life. To create is to live, and to think... AQUAMANTRA began merely as this one single thought.

In order for this consciousness to continue and grow bigger around the world, Alexandra realized something bigger must be done. At the end of 2015, she aligned the AQUAMANTRA brand with Sababa Beverages LLC to begin a new journey of greatness. Combining the AQUAMANTRA purpose to simulate your soul and Sababa Beverages mission to end childhood hunger in the United States was the right fit.

“May the story (of AQUAMANTRA) live on in open hearts every where.” - Alexandra Kavanah, former owner of AQUAMANTRA

AQUAMANTRA invites people to expand their consciousness through the power of positive thinking through One Sip at a Time.