If you want a retail center that you love to sell this water, just submit a request and we'll splash right on it!

AQUAMANTRA currently sells 4 mantra waters,I AM HEALTHY, I AM LOVED and I AM LUCKY. Look for I AM GRATEFUL now available in Organic Stores everywhere. If you want a retail center that you love to sell this water, just submit a request and we'll splash right on it! or you can fill out a Manager Order form and take this into your local store... ask them to carry AQUAMANTRA! Be part of the solution!

AQUAMANTRA is all the loved by the media. Click on the link below to learn more about what kinds of waves we're making in spreading the words of love, luck and health.

Press Releases

Online Press

EDIA/Television Press

ABC News asked "Is boosted bottled water worth it?" | August 15.2008

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AQUAMANTRA REALLY wants to be on The Big Idea with the brilliant and fabulous Donny Deutsch. Watch this video and help us manifest this into reality.

Windows Movie Quicktime Video

Our Video was shot in the Carlsbad location at JIMBOS....Naturally! Thank you to Andy Huth and his entire team.

Special thanks to the remarkable videography and editing by Colin Sims. The beautiful assistant in the middle is Alexandra's mom!

Magazine Press

MAKE-A-WISH Luminary Wish Gala Event was sponsored in part by Aquamantra delivering our I AM LUCKY mini-Mantras to support a fabulous cause. Below was their program book.

FIBROMYALGIA AWARE, September - November 2007 Issue, featured an Ad for AQUAMANTRA

VISION MAGAZINE, June 2007 Issue, wrote a fabulous article that speaks directly about our mission and the water we drink. This whole magazine is a tribute to water and if you can stop by and pick it up! Its time we all learn about the magic water holds.

New Corporate Body
June 2007 Issue, has a featured Ad from Aquamantra. New Corporate Body is a fabulous new magazine with a redefining voice in support of health and environmental awareness.

Merge Magazine, Summer 2007 Issue, Totes the hot new trends in consciousness and business. Merge wrote a little piece about Happy Hour and some of the finer drinks to try. They wrote, " And last but not least, treat your subconscious to Aquamantra: water infused with positive mantras like "I am Healthy" and "I am Loved." If only there existed the "I am Awake- I am not hungover- I can make it to work on time," beverage remedy, happy hour would take on a whole new meeting." We love that they used this example!~ Now their thinking!

SHAPE MAGAZINE, June 2007 Issue, picked 4 favorite waters and Aquamantra was chosen as the Most Inspirational...this is our first National Publication and we are thankful to SHAPE for recognizing our mission, we hope you will too!


YOGI TIMES , May 2007 Issue, named Aquamantra one of Yogi Times Top 10 Picks from the 2007 Natural Products Expo West! "Winner of the best-tasting water award by the Academy Awards of Water, Aquamantra hydrates your body with a positive spin through inspirational mantras like I AM HEALTHY, I AM LUCKY and I AM LOVED. You truly are what you think, and now you can also be what you drink."

San Diego Tribune, 02/10/07 : Let them count the ways to court your sweetie!

Beverage Industry , October 2006 Issue Aquamantra, a regional water was featured on the FRONT COVER as a new product, the header was representative of know your NEW Product Consumers. We've been around for 4 months... and we're on the cover! Who's the creators' of their reality? Raise your consciousness today... its so worth it!

BODY BEAUTIFUL: Living Well in Southern California , October 2006 Issue wrote an article titled "Water that heals the soul."

FREEDOM MAGAZINE , It's not just America that loves Aquamantra, Taiwanese Magazine Editor Vic Wu found out about Aquamantra and published an article to spread consciousness. "Freedom" magazine explores the intelligence and experience of the elites in every design industry and share it with the young generation of the Chinese communities throughout the world; we also report some interesting things (like special hotels or fantastic shop...etc)around the world. Our aim is very simple , just like our magazine "Freedom" ; we hope every one who reads our magazine will feel free and widen their view, we believe it will bring very good value to the readers of the magazine.

LA YOGA, Ayurveda and Health, September 2006 Issue, featured an article "Has your water been vibed today?", which focused specifically how Aquamantra has brought things back to basics by looking at water itself to see what the consumer can do to your drinking water to make it better for you, not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally.

September 11th Issue (2006) of IN TOUCH Magazine featured AQUAMANTRA in the Emmy Section and pictured the Award Gift Bag we participated in.

In August 2006 Beverage Industry, listed Aquamantra in the NEW PRODUCTS section.

In August 2006 SqueezeOC, wrote a wellness article titled "The Power of Water: Can words really affect what you drink? Aquamantra cites quantum physics in its positive answer."

In August 2006 Coast Magazine, wrote a beautiful article in the section titled "The Metaphysical Guide to the Orange County Galaxy.

For the June 2006 Release of Zodi Addict Magazine, Aquamantra pairs up with the new "reader friendly" astrological entertainment periodical. The only one of it's kind! Zodi Addict is the fusion of modern day culture, Astrology and New Age.


Media Relations

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