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Thank you for asking this crucial question...How do we create our water? First, we watched how Dr. Masaru Emoto featured in the film "What the Bleep" did experimentation with water and crystals and observed how the water looked after he froze his samples. He took a bottle of distilled water and wrote the japanese symbol; the chi of love, taped it to the bottle and left it overnight. The before and after pictures are fascinating and gorgeous.

The Creator of AQUAMANTRA tested his theories by labeling purified bottled water with word, and then affirmations that inspire to see if the flavor matched the beauty of the images. Her theory was that if Dr. Emoto's proof that the water's energy affected how the water looked then perhaps since all the senses are connected, these words would have a similar affect on the taste of the water. Her theory was correct and after labeling her sample waters with sayings like I AM LOVED, I AM PASSIONATE or I AM HEALTHY the flavor of the water changed. Simultaneously, there were certain words she tried like sex, wealth and even abundance all of which did not taste good. This was an A-HA moment for Alexandra as she realized if people knew that words could change water and through Dr. Emoto's research and now AQUAMANTRA Water, then people would have to come to terms that words carry energy - therefore whatever they speak could then possibly change their very own reality. Her theory was if everyone started realizing how powerful their words are they might just start shifting the way they speak which would be such a massive contribution towards a more peaceful planet.

I AM PEACEPreposterous? Don't take our word for it try it for yourself. Take a piece of scotch tape and write I HATE YOU on a blank labeled bottle of water, leave it overnight and in the morning take a sip of your "hate you" water then take a sip of your regular water. Email us your feedback... we're excited to learn your findings. That is precisely how we created AQUAMANTRA. The words actually change the molecular structure of the water and we believe most definitely changes the flavor of the water or what we call the 'frequency' to taste deliciously smooth. This flavor is almost indescribable, it's full of energy and it's fantastic. You might be thinking... impossible!! But Dr. Emoto has written several books on this topic. Click here to read a book review of Hidden Messages in Water. "Dr. Emoto concludes that the manner we treat and communicate with others – “the vibration of good words” – has a positive effect on our world. Dr. Emoto’s findings, which he has communicated in slide presentations to hundreds of thousands of people throughout Europe and the United States, has a semblance of simplicity to it: Unless we treat our world with love, gratitude and respect, the world will continue to be deformed by pollution, chemicals, excessive noise and man-made destructions."

Below is the actual part in the movie "What the Bleep do we Know?!" that created the opportunity to see how water is affected by words.

The truth is 'Consciousness and Energy Create the Nature of Reality.'** Consciousness is the information and Energy is the water. Since water is a conduit, it makes sense that if you infuse water with positive thoughts, then the water carries those thoughts to the cells in your body. Would you rather have filtered water deliver the "BRAND NAME " message to your internal cells (like other bottled water) OR perhaps you'd prefer to deliver the molecules of "I AM HEALTHY" water to your cells. Quantum Physics states that information travels on waves of energy, the information being "I AM HEALTHY" is what is traveling in the water flowing your body which is made up of roughly 70% water. We like to ask the question, "What information are you drinking today?"

We preferred the I AM HEALTHY mantra and once we decided our mission, we began experimention with the different forms of water. We first began with distilled water because there is no charge in distilled water, like a blank canvas and though it changed the water's charge, it didn't taste very good. We tried I AM HEALTHY using purified water and the water tasted great, but let's be realistic, purified water is filtered tap water. Award Winning WaterFiltered tap water is the same water that comes from municipal water sources. We decided if we were going to bring this amazing concept to you it had to be the best, and finally we tried it with a Premium Natural Spring Water and shazam! It produced an pallet pleaser that dominates anything else you've tasted - we invite you to take a taste challenge. It seems this decision paid off. In February of 2007, AQUAMANTRA won "The Best Tasting Bottled Water" in an International Bottled Water competion, out of 23 countries and over 50 other applicants.Most Inspirational Water

We know you will love our Premium Water for many reasons but just to share a few bragging rights in September of 2009, AQUAMANTRA won's Top Gear of the Year awards for the 2nd year in a row. just like in 2007, Shape Magazine awarded us the most inspirational water out of several bottled water companies on the market. There are very few bottled water companies still in business from that year except for the big boys and we are very proud of our achievments in staying on shelves in Albertsons and Whole Foods.

Winner Two Years in a Row

Our concept is derived from theories Quantum in nature, which provided the knowledge to create AQUAMANTRA. Our mantra is for you to be the BESTand to bring you a new brand of water that allows you to be the BEST. It is essential that our water be natural and taste good. The combination of the natural flavor and the energy delivered through the mantra, makes this water the BEST choice on the market and its 100% natural; no chemicals, no sugar, no vitamins, no additives and no flouride. Just water and mantras, the two basic needs for survival.

Where does AQUAMANTRA's Water Come From?

One of the main questions we receive is, where does the water come from? Our source Spring Water comes from Palomar Mountain Spring, AQUAMANTRA Premium Natural Spring Waternear San Diego, California. Stainless steel tankers transport the water between the mountain and the production facility. The Natural Spring Water is transferred from the tanker through FDA and NSF approved channels, filtered through a one micron absolute filter to remove any single celled protozoan type microorganism, passed through a high intensity Ultra Violet light to destroy any bacteria,and then stored in stainless steel holding tanks. Prior to bottling the water is again treated with high intensity Ultra Violet light, filtered through a one micron absolute filter, Ozonated to sanitize the water, and filtered again with a 0.2 micron absolute filter. The pH of our water is a perfect body aligned 7.4 which should satisfy most of you. We are not claiming to be the highest pH or the highest micro cluster water as there are some really great companies out there that specialize in just that. We are more focused on the MANTRAS on our bottles paired with a delicious healthy NATURAL water (not TAP WATER) in the first ever Biodegradable and Recyclable bottle. We want to provide you with an eco-conscious, guilt free choice when and if you buy water in the store.

AQUAMANTRA | The Healthy Choice

At AQUAMANTRA, we are more than the beautiful energetic affirmations we put on our bottles. When we were searching for which Natural Spring Water to chose from, we made sure that it was the best tasting, it had impeccable filtration and it sits at the perfect pH for our consumers. We are a Premium Natural Spring Water, the very best from California. Now, combine the best water with the energy of the highest frequency words and you too will taste the magic of what we have created.

Why is AQUAMANTRA better than Municipal Tap Water?

AQUAMANTRA’s purification process exceeds the standards set by the EPA for a majority of municipal water systems and other local, national or foreign bottled water companies to make sure their water is safe to drink even for individuals who have weakened immune systems. Unlike many other municipal and private water companies, every drop of AQUAMANTRA has gone through a one micron filtration process, ultraviolet and ozone purification systems to remove “cryptosporidium” a micro organism that can wreak havoc with anyone who may have undergone chemotherapy treatment, received organ transplants, suffer from HIV/Aids, or other immune disorders. Some elderly and infants can be particularly at risk from infection from water that has not been adequately purified.  Extra care and preparation has gone into AQUAMANTRA to assure that is safe to drink for individuals with weakened immune systems.


Would you like to download our water report?? Click here for the English Version.Click here for the Spanish Version.

What is the Mineral Content and pH of AQUAMANTRA?

AQUAMANTRA is Natural Spring Water, flowing from the abundant source of Mt. Palomar. As with nature, comes gifts from the mountain which include a high % of silica, low Total Disolved Solids and an even pH of 6.8 - 7.2 which is neutral.

The technical definition of pH is that it is a measure of the activity of the hydrogen ion (H+) and is reported as the reciprocal of the logarithm of the hydrogen ion activity. Therefore, a water with a pH of 7 has 10-7 moles per liter of hydrogen ions; whereas, a pH of 6 is 10-6 moles per liter. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14.

The pH of pure water (H20) is 7. In general, a water with a low pH (< 6.5) could be acidic, soft, and corrosive. Therefore, the water could leach metal ions such as: iron, manganese, copper, lead, and zinc from the aquifer, plumbing fixtures, and piping. Therefore, a water with a low pH could contain elevated levels of toxic metals, cause premature damage to metal piping, and have associated aesthetic problems such as a metallic or sour taste, staining of laundry, and the characteristic "blue-green" staining of sinks and drains .

A water with a pH > 8.5 could indicate that the water is hard. Hardwater does not pose a health risk, but can cause aesthetic problems. These problems include: Formation of a "scale" or precipitate on piping and fixtures causing water pressures and interior diameter of piping to decrease; Causes an alkali taste to the water and can make coffee taste bitter; Formation of a scale or deposit on dishes, utensils, and laundry basins; Difficulty in getting soaps and detergents to foam and formation of insoluble precipitates on clothing, etc.; and Decreases efficiency of electric water heaters.

Research from : Wilkes University

What do people say about the taste/flavor of AQUAMANTRA?

"Water was something that a lot of chemo patients say have an "off" taste once you begin treatment. Aquamantra tasted great the entire course; never tinny or too overwhelming on the mineral side. Just a clean, crisp taste." - Beth Lehman-Brooks, Inglewood Junior High Spanish

"I consider myself to be a water connoisseur; I've tried all bottled waters and Aquamantra is by far is the best tasting water available. It tastes so clean and refreshing, it feels alive and full of vitality. I've been drinking I AM LOVED for a year now and it not only tastes wonderful, it has completely stabilized my body's alkalinity. My body's PH level was very acidic and after drinking Aquamantra, I maintain a perfect PH balance. I truly believe I AM LOVED is LOVING my body. In addition, my energy has skyrocketed and my skin glows!"  - Jennifer Mattox, Passion for Paws

"Aquamantra tastes surprisingly good.  Anything that tastes good brings happiness inside.  It’s pure so it reminds me to strive for clarity, purity and positive thoughts in my life and in spirit." - Kaylin Cannon, Long Beach, CA

"What I love about drinking Aquamantra water is the sense of peace I have drinking it (especially drinking "I am loved")!  The flavor is smooth and refreshing-it seems to quench my thirst more than other waters!" -Charissa C. Shaw, MA, OTR, President, Ergolution

"Aquamantra has a refreshing clean taste that seperates it from other bottled waters. Each one has there own unique taste!" - Cathy Ponsford, Orange, CA

“I appreciate that Aquamantra is locally bottled spring water rather than filtered tap water or shipped from far away. Most importantly it tastes fresh and delicious!” - Julie Stone, Irvine, CA

"Not only does Aquamantra taste amazing, you feel amazing too! How can you not feel "lucky" all day when you drink "I AM Lucky" water?  Everything that day goes YOUR way!" - Leisa Ruis, Pura Vida Day Spa

"The simplicity of Aquamantra is that it doesn't have a taste that jumps out at you.  You just feel like you are drinking the essence of what your body needs, and nothing else." - Lisa Cherney, Conscious Marketing Company

" I loved Aquamantra from the very first time I tasted it! It is extremely refreshing and invigorating. No matter which bottle I’m drinking that day, having it sit on my desk keeps me focused on all that I want in my life – more love, better health and lots of luck in everything I do! " - Alicia Ashley, Author of The Awakening

Some of our bottles have an Best Buy Date or what appears to be an expiration date, however, there is no expiration on our water. It does not go bad nor does it sour or have issues. Our Spring Water is it is NSF and IBWA inspected. After our multi-stage filtration process, the spring water is then treated with ozone to disinfect and preserve the water in the bottle. By maintaining the nature of the spring water, ozone is considered to be an acceptable disinfectant. Ozone oxidizes bacteria and organic materials and, over time, reverts back to oxygen. So water never expires it is safe in the bottle, and if you're bottle has a date of 04/12 on it is is most likely in Biodegradable Bottles that are tested for no plastic leaching and they are BPA FREE. Our co-packer was supposed to label our water for a Best Buy date of 2 years and in this particular batch it was only labeled for one year, which is hardly enough time for us to sell all the water we manufacturer. Please understand our company is not large and processes what we can afford. We are grateful for your understanding on this matter and hope this answers your questions. If it does not then please feel free to call us directly at 949.429.4225

What's the truth about arsenic in drinking water?

Aug. 19, 2008 -- A new analysis of government data is the first to link low-level arsenic exposure, possibly from drinking water, with Type 2 diabetes, researchers say. The study's limitations make more research necessary. And public water systems were on their way to meeting tougher U.S. arsenic standards as the data were collected.

Arsenic can get into drinking water naturally when minerals dissolve. It is also an industrial pollutant from coal burning and copper smelting. Utilities use filtration systems to get it out of drinking water. How arsenic could contribute to diabetes is unknown, but prior studies have found impaired insulin secretion in pancreas cells treated with an arsenic compound.

Make sure you find out if your tap water filters out arsenic and lead. AQUAMANTRA's water was tested by BSK Analytical Laboratories, there were no trace elements.

Research from Trace Arsenic in Water Linked to Diabetes | Carla K. Johnson, Associated Press Associated Press 2008

Are You Familiar with the Power of Water?

Now if you read all of this and you are intrigued, and you are looking to read more about Water and its magnificence you are about to be opened up to an amazing source of information. Earthly has an incredible layout of information about water, the history of remarkable scientist who have a lot to say about water and how vital it is to us, globally and cellularly. Below are links that will educate you with delight and fascination, that will hopefully positively affect the way you think about water. Happy exploring!

Here's an introduction from Earth Transitions.

Viktor Schauberger, also known as the "Water Wizard," discovered that water in its natural state has a livingness, or vitality that is lost when transported in pipes. This "living water" is found in the healing waters around the world in such places as Lourdes, Chalice Well, and famous spas, giving these waters their healing properties.

Living Water in Our Cells at Birth

This "living water" is found naturally within our cells at birth, however it becomes unclustered and unstructured due to exposure to pollutants, and radiation. This loss of the original cellular geometries of the water in our cells is responsible for the aging process at a cellular level, and has been shown to be linked to almost every disease known to mankind.

Water holds a Memory

Naturalist and scientist Johanne Grander revealed that water is like a liquid tape recorder storing information and vibrational frequencies, even after the physical substances or pollutants had been removed.

Vicktor Schauberger's research revealed that water in it's natural living state is in a spiraling or vortex motion and that this vortex action creates a livingness to water that is not found in municipal or even filtered or bottled water. Various researchers have applied the principles of Grander and Schauberger and come up with a way to vitalize normal water by imprinting it with the resonance frequency of highly charged or "imploded" water. This new product is described in the Vortex Energiser section of this website and has shown remarkable applications for agriculture, personal health, and environmental uses.

Learn more about Viktor Schauberger

Read more about Water as a Communicator

Randy Ziesenus, of Edmund, Oklahoma, says anyone can personally improve the water they use. "It's amazing what happens when you take a glass of water and hold it between the palms of your hands and ask your higher Self to work with that water and whatever you need for your highest good. And then drink it; incredible what that little (ritual) does." Ziesenus is president of Bio-Com, a company that specializes in the development of biotechnology using radio-frequencies (RF) to alter water's bonding structure. 'He says "if you drink water that's harmonious to the human body, water will pass through the body within ten to 15 minutes. Then you've got to go to the restroom. The (harmonious) water will carry out toxins."

Read more about The Power of Water - Water -- just a liquid or much more? Many researchers are convinced that water is capable of "memory" by storing information and retrieving it. The possible applications are innumerable: limitless retention and storage capacity and the key to discovering the origins of life on our planet. Research into water is just beginning.

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The AQUAMANTRA team made a visit to The Tree of Life Pranic Healing Center in Huntington Beach for Aura Photography. The photos show Tara rom AQUAMANTRA and Lorain from Tree of Life before drinking AQUAMANTRA'’s I AM HEALTHY and after drinking the water. It was an exciting revelation as Lorain explained the meaning of the colors in our chakras and auras on the before and after pictures. This is one way we can show the affects of AQUAMANTRA on your spirit.

When we arrived Lorain took each of our aura photos with a very advanced computer program using a biofeedback adapter to place our left hand on and a special camera. The photo shows the overall shape of an aura which is our personal and distinct energy field, and the colors active in it at that moment. It also shows the shape, size and color of the chakras. For the purpose of the photos the chakras are numbered one at the base of the body and up through seven at the top of the head. Each chakra represents the energy in specific parts of our lives. Chakra one is at the base of the spine and represents the basics of life, food, water, shelter, survival. The second is the sexual organs and creativity on a body level.

Third is the solar plexus, overall energy level and creativity on a broader level. Fourth chakra is the heart physically and emotionally. Fifth is the throat, speaking and perceiving truth. Sixth is the area between the eyebrows, the third eye, intuition. Seventh is at the top of the head representing our spirituality and its development.  

Then we each opened a bottle of I AM HEALTHY and enjoyed drinking the crisp clean taste while we chatted about the first pictures. We continued to sip the water throughout the next hour. Aura photos were taken thirty minutes from when we began drinking I AM HEALTHY and again after an hour. Lorain described the changes shown in our photos after each time interval.


Lorain described Tara ’s first photo as being unusual in that it had a series of horizontal vibration lines and a band of red going through most of the photo from top to bottom that meant there was definitely some clean up of her body required. She also noticed that Tara ’s lower chakras were larger than the upper four and that we strive to have all seven of the chakras shown in equal size and the same roundness of shape.

Thirty minutes after drinking I AM HEALTHY Tara ’s aura showed a significant amount of cleaning up and clearing of her body system. The horizontal lines disappeared and her upper chakras were growing is size closer to that of the lower ones. The yellow cap on the head area was now flowing down through her body energizing her upper chakras bringing them more in balance with the lower chakras. There was also a wash of green surrounding Tara ’s central aura demonstrating healing energy flowing through her entire system. Another thing Lorain pointed out in Tara ’s thirty minute photo was the new clarity in the color of each chakra as the muddiness from the original photo began to clear allowing a better flow of energy through her chakras.

By her third photo taken an hour after drinking I AM HEALTHY everything that was shown in the thirty minute photo was now even more pronounced. Tara had a brilliant white color bringing the full spectrum of color to her central chakras, all seven chakras were clear in color and close to being the same size. And now the beautiful blue light that was held at bay on her left side was able to mingle throughout her chakra providing her with a helpful, caring energy to make the healing process gentle and more complete. Lorain was impressed by the extent of the healing shown in Tara ’s photo only from drinking I AM HEALTHY.

Tara Before Tara After Tara After a while
AFTER 30 Min.


Lorain described that her before drinking I AM HEALTHY photo reflected her need to release and heal from a major Pranic Treatment she had given a client the evening before. She new she was depleted and the picture showed her aura full of green light to heal and yellow light to provide energy. Of note was her Fifth heart chakra that was out of shape and muddy in color, typical after doing her work. And her overall aura shape was bulging.

Her thirty minute photo showed her aura as much more egg-shaped and filled with very deep green light that meant the bright green from the before photo was now filling up with the removal of unwanted energy that was shown released through the muddy dark green color after drinking Aquamantra. After the second photo Lorain spoke a silent mantra she told us. Her mantra was acceptance of all the benefits the water had to offer her.

By the third photo an hour after drinking I AM HEALTHY Lorain ’s aura has a much smoother egg-shaped outline, and it is full of peaceful blue calming energy. Her sixth chakra is more indigo color which is appropriate and her fifth heart chakra has just about completed it cleansing process as can be seen by the dramatically enlarged size from the first two photos. Apparently her acceptance mantra sped up the process for her aura cleaning!

Lorain Before Lorain After Lorain Last
AFTER 30 Min.

With AQUAMANTRA you can truly experience the change in your mind, with your body and through your spirit.

** 'Consciousness and Energy creates the nature of reality' is a statement we learned from attending Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. You may learn more about this at their website.