We asked some people a few questions about their experiences, read below to see what they had to say.

I just discovered your water last night while shopping with my sister at my local grocery store (my sister spotted it).  As soon as I saw it referenced the quantum physics experiment with the words and ice crystals (which I have been aware of for some years), I had to buy theI AM LOVED and I AM GRATEFULl bottles.  Just holding them increaced my level of peace and happiness.  I will return today to buy all the bottles they have left on the shelf so I can pass this energy and understanding on to my friends and family (some of which have yet to understand how the universe (animate and inanimate) works.  Thank you for helping me spread the power of a positive mind and a loving heart.  It will help me put the finishing touches on a year that has already been perhaps the most fantastic one for me to date (and I turned 60 this year!).  Peace, Love, and success to you and all of yours in this moment and all those to come. Love DH, La Jolla, CA

Megyn Price from the hit show "The Rules of Engagement" poses with Alexandra for a pic at this years Pre-Oscar Valentine Event

Thanks so much for your very generous shipment of water! I actually refilled and kept carrying the "I AM LOVED" bottle you gave me at the Valentine's Event! (Is that tacky? I just loved it so much!) I have received so many comments from friends, acquaintances and, quite literally, strangers on the street, asking me where to find the bottles and also just spontaneously smiling when reading the label. I LOVE that!

So, I'm thrilled to set out into the day today with my new "I AM GRATEFUL bottle...because I am! Thank You So Much.


You folks are the best!! Wow!!! My order arrived today, and I am so pleased with the small bottles--perfect for the gym!! And...you sent a gift, which was awesome. Surpises are delightful, especially this one. I love it. And it was so sweet to write the love message on the outside. How cool is that? Made me feel like the universe was sending its message to me. How marvelous.


Thanks for being amazing,

Thank you SO much for your generous donation of I am Loved water for our kindergarteners...EVERYONE was so appreciative. The parents all loved it,and know that they can purchase it at Whole Foods. The children brought their water with them to yoga at the park across the street on Valentine's day, to enjoy after many fun poses. Saige, Noelle and Vivian all happy with I Am Loved.

I have a couple of very sweet comments from other children:

Daviar said, "It makes me want to hug all of my friends." His dad also said that at home he would ask 'where's my I am Loved water', always wanting to keep it in his sight and know where is was.

Iandre said, "It's like an energy drink, for kids."

"I've been passing around your mini-mantra water bottles to my friends at work--BIG HIT! =) One of my friends is planning on giving his girlfriend a bottle of I AM LOVED on Valentine's Day! So cute!!! I love them! I wish I could get them where I live, but I'll have to just order them! Anyway, just wanted you to know I am spreading the love!! <3 Hope all is well!! <3 ya!!" - Lissa Militello Leigh

My own son Ares hugged it and always said 'I am loved' outloud dutifully before drinking a sip. We've also benefitted from the I Am Healthy at our home, and I plan to buy him an I Am Lucky for St. Patrick's Day. and I will bring in a couple of bottles to share with the children in the class. LOVE what you all are doing. Yeah!

Thank you again for helping to make our children's first 'school Valentine's Day' such a memorable one. I wish you and all at Aqua Mantra a fabulous day and continued, wild success.

Blessings, Laurie Monahan - San Diego

Aquamantra takes my water drinking to a whole new level...I love it, and all the implications!!! - Dawn Ann - Los Angeles

Hello, I love the concept of AQUAMANTRA. I have been writing on water bottles for the last few years with positive messages. I believe by doing so, the words can literally change the way you feel and even the cells in your body. I am grateful to have received your website through Jack's emails I receive on a weekly basis.

My morning mantra: "Today I am receiving abundance, strength and wealth in all areas of my life". - Chris Dunbar
"You people are magnificent. I have been using your Aquamantra bottled water for almost 2 years, I think - and have been letting others know that it has brought great results into my life.

My health has improved. I am now doing yoga and eating live foods. (So has my self-esteem.) I have so many clients I have implemented a waiting list. I have more creative and successful friends and colleagues. Thank you so much. Good health and luck to you all! " - Misty Day, C.A.P. , www.Timesmithing.com

" I just wanted to say that I truly apriciate your fabulous product. I would also like to suggest if there is any way of making a smaller bottle. I want my daughter to start taking them in her lunch but the bottles are to big for the lunch box. I think that a great number of children can benifit from Aquamantra and be empowered in their lifes." Thank you- Patty

SUBJECT: Love it! I have a bottle of "I am lucky!" on my desk. I haven't even opened it yet, but I think the concept is JUST GENIUS! *besides, it made my morning!- Malia Ogden

"I purchased the I AM LOVED water at whole foods, and have been drinking it for two weeks. And then I went to my doctor's office that I've been going to for 15+ years, a doctor who I have a limited rapport with. He said, you look great today and in really good health, he was smiling and carrying on pleasantly. Then I went to the lab technician who takes my blood and he asked me if I'd been working out more, that something about me seemed special. This water really works, and I am very happy I found Aquamantra. Thank you." - Mary, Redondo Beach

"I just have to share with you, Eliot has been drinking from the "I Am Lucky" bottle and he just won 4 tix to the celebrity flag football championship Super Bowl weekend in Hollywood. Doug Flutie is one of the team captains, and Eliot will spend time with him and other NFL players learning the game, playing a kids scrimmage and then watching the championship between numerous NFL current and previous players. Eliot is convinced it is because of the water :>)) He is soooooo excited." - Janeen, Florida

"Hello. I have a story that I just have to share with you! My little sister and I are roommates; I adore her. For Valentine's Day, I bought her the I AM LOVED water at Whole Foods. I surprised her and put it by her bed. When she woke up on Valentine's, she saw it. I just thought it was a cute gift and a way to make my sister feel special and loved. The next day, my sister shared with me that she thought it really worked. She said that every time she sipped it, she saw the words I AM LOVED and she said she really felt loved. Well, we were planning a trip to Palm Springs the following weekend. While shopping again, I discovered the I AM LUCKY water. I bought this for my sister because we were going to go to the casino while in Palm Springs. At the hotel, I surprised her with the I AM LUCKY water bottle. She drank it all day at the pool. That night, she won enough money to pay for our entire trip!! It was lucky - and we had the best time ever. "
- Corey

My 2 step daughters brought a bottle of I am loved to bother their teachers yesterday for Valentines day. The teachers loved it and wants to know where to buy it. Paige said her teacher told every mom who came buy about it.... " - Tracy, Huntington Beach, CA

My friend Deb Rogers who you may have met at our workshop in Dana Point wanted me to tell you that she put one of your "I AM HEALTHY" stickers on her hot water heater and it stopped leaking!" - Don Nelson, Chicago

Hey! This is Rachel telling you how much I love Aquamantra! My favorite taste would have to be I Am Lucky...something good always seems to come whenever I drink that one. It seems to have a fresh, bold taste to it...which is why I like it, becaus it's not like other waters. But I have to say that something really great happened when I drank I Am Loved. It was the first time i had drank it, and I like the sweet taste of it. It was a few days before I left without my parents on a school trip to Washinton D.C. When I was there, I realized how much I loved my friends, and the guy I had liked for a long time asked me out! After that I've follow Aquamantra!!" -Rachel Drisdelle, Huntington Beach, CA

Stacy Keibler from "Dancing with the Stars" and "What about Brian" to name a few, is a big fan of Aquamantra.

Drinking aquamantra water makes a simple-profound difference for me. On those days when I feel off, aquamantra water reminds me of the simple necessities: Health, Love, and Luck! Ever since I got my boxes of Aquamantra, I have been drinking more water then ever! I always have a bottle with me, and it makes me feel happy all day!

Greg Cipes, musician, appears on MTV's twentyfourseven and conscious movement supporter, drinks Aquamantra. Hear what he has to say, "Aquamantra has taken the way I live my life, applying the pricinple of prayers go up and blessings come down, and designing a way to harness the mystic power of the universe in a bottle."

Aquamantra loves and supports what Greg sings about!

The fabulous and funny Jenny McCarthy said , " I love it! The mantras make me mindful to stay positive."

And the beautiful Sherilyn Fynn said " Aquamantra tastes delicious and the mantras make me more mindful - while I feed my body I am feeding my soul."

"It was great to have you at the event (Emerson Hall Fitness 2 Year Anniversary Party) everyone was very pleased with your product and has been buying it up since. I have also made a habit of giving a a few "I am lucky" bottles to my VIP clients before award shows and big auditions. Gerard Butler (star of 300), I required him to drink only "I am Lucky" the day of the MTV Movie Awards. He won! Cute huh? - Be well -Juliet"

"I've always felt loved, happy and fairly lucky. But with the constant reminders of the mantras on the Aquamantra waters that I am so enjoying these days, I feel even MORE loved, happy and lucky."

Warm Regards, Jerry Penacoli, EXTRA TV

"Thank you so very much for providing the delicious water at our annual gala and awards dinner. Our honorees Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver took their beautiful basket and Ed Begley and his wife were so grateful for their case. So many of the guests took the empty bottles because they were so beautiful and delicious. I hope you get lots of sales due to your kindness, it added a touch of class to our tables."

A. Jo-An Turman, M.A.
Senior Director of Communications & Marketing
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles

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Would AQUAMANTRA be a brand of water you would purchase?

"Yes. I would follow my intuition and buy Aquamantra simply because our bodies listen to our minds." - Melissa Hamilton-Wells, Costa Mesa, CA

"Aquamantra would be a brand of water I would purchase because every bottle would be a mental reminder of what I am and what I'm striving to be. When I used to drink Arrowhead, it was just water. With Aquamantra, I feel like I would be drinking what I believe about myself. I am healthy, I am lucky, and I am loved." - Dawn Johnson, Canoga Park, CA

"I would absolutely buy this water and sell it. As a healer, I know that many of my patients' biggest barriers are in their mind, if they think I can help them and they think they can get better than they will. If their water reminds them that they are healthy, loved or prosperous then they will be." - Dr. Tony Fedoryk, Newport Beach, CA

"Yes, because first I'd be intrigued to see what it tastes like and secondly the cool art on the bottle really catches my attention." - Derek Salsbery, Huntington Beach, CA

"Yes, I am very excited to buy Aquamantra! It is new, innovative and I love the concept." - Nancie Kohlenberger, Mission Viejo, CA

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Is there something about AQUAMANTRA’s ideals that makes sense to you personally?

"Yes. I agree our minds have the power to change negative repeating patterns in our thoughts, feelings, and actions. So, Aquamantra water is a path leading the mind, body and soul towards a calm and collected level of being. " - Melissa Hamilton-Wells, Costa Mesa, CA

"As a motivational speaker, I strongly believe that you need inspiration around you at all times. I am an avid believer that what you put into your body becomes the makeup of who you are (i.e., if you eat a lot of junk food and no excercise you may not be a person that cares about your physical health.) BUT, we all deep down inside care about how we feel; even if we never express that to anyone but ourselves. I believe that the only reason why people have not been drinking inspirational water is because it has not been a choice for them. With Vitamin Water and all the waters like it (Propel, etc) you are consuming water for the sugar content. BUT WHAT IF people had a water that could reinforce how they feel about themselves? " - Dawn Johnson, Canoga Park, CA

"Yes, I have the book Hidden Messages in Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto from that movie "What the Bleep" and I've seen how his theory works. Quite remarkable. " - Terri Steuben, Long Beach, CA

"I really agree with the ideals set forth by Aquamantra. And I love that part of the profits go to charity. There is such a need for companies and products that are not just about the big sales numbers, but instead represent the values of generosity and caring for others. I am very excited to support these ideals." - Nancie Kohlenberger, Mission Viejo, CA

"Found a bottle today at Soulscape in Encinitas. Thank You! Very interesting. I have been writing on my bottled water for some time. I have another idea that may be intriguing as well. My mantra for Ganesha
remover of obstacles. Om Gum Ganapati Yeh Namaha Aum. Let me know.
Health, Peace, Love and Prosperity Be Yours!" - Robert

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How do you feel about the importance of your thoughts and what kind of impact do they play on your life?

"Our thoughts create our minds and we become what we think. Our emotions are reactions to our thoughts, and our bodies respond to untransformed emotions. So, our thoughts not only impact our emotional well being but our physical bodies as well. " - Melissa Hamilton-Wells, Costa Mesa, CA

"My thoughts play an important part of my life. As someone who as a teenager had self-esteem issues, I WISH I HAD Aquamantra during my years of heavy depression. I know for a fact that Aquamantra works because I have lost 27 pounds (and still counting) because every time I see "I am Healthy", I think about Alex's vision and how I caught it. No one on Earth (not even an atheist) can say that thoughts aren't important. My thoughts shape my mood, my day, my life's mission. When I have bad thoughts or negative thoughts, I can sense the tension in my head. " - Dawn Johnson, "The Self-Esteem Queen", French Nickel Inc/SEQ Communications Inc.

"Thoughts are very important, I use this concept in my work with animals all the time. It's nice to see the concept beginning to get out to more people and I think your water will help change people for the better. Once they try it, they will know the difference." - Terri Steuben, Animal Communicator, Medical Intuitive and Reiki Master

"I believe my thoughts determine the outcomes I receive in my life. I know when I am thinking positively then things move in a positive direction. And I know that when I am "in the dump" with my thoughts, situations and circumstances around me are going to reflect that attitude." - Nancie Kohlenberger, Professor of a Spiritual and Counseling Psychology at a University in California

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What kind of effect does the water have on you when you drink it?

I AM HEALTHY: "I want to start off by saying that every one never thinks to themselves that they are healthy or that they want to be healthy, they just assume that they just are. After learning about this product and concept behind the water mantra's it has opened a whole new world for me. I have drank I AM HEALTHY and beside it being a smooth, cleansing, and pure taste and experience, it has also made me conscious to the fact that if I think it about myself and believe it, it will be true. I'm not saying that the water will make me healthy, but what I think is what will be.

I will share with all of you that I have recently learned that I may be at risk to having cancerous cells. At first I was terrified of the possibilities, but after speaking to my dear friends and mentor they have helped me realize that I create my own reality. If I had never heard of Aquamantra and the realization that I am responsible for my reality, I would seriously be dwelling on what could happen rather then concentrating on the mind set that I am fine, I am healthy, I have always been healthy. I encourage every one to drink the three mantra's and find out for themselves how they think is what they will be come." -Summer Russell, Santa Ana, CA

I AM HEALTHY: "As a Professional spiritual and Intuitive counselor, I pride my self in assisting people in achieving their personal and spiritual goals by helping them manifest and create all their true desires. That’s why I highly recommend drinking Aquamantra, A side from the fact it is the best drinking water I have ever tasted…Every time someone takes a sip of this magnificent water it can surely remind them how lucky, happy and healthy they are and can continue to be. I personally suffer from Fybromyalgia & physical injuries (Chronic pain) When I first started drinking (I am Healthy) by Aquamantra.. I noticed I started to visualize I was healthy and pain free. Due to the constant reminder and positive affirmation’s...I started feeling stronger within. Every sip was a positive reminder that I have the personal power to line up with feeling well, at peace in my body and holding on to inner hope, the more I drank Aqua Mantra…. the words” I am healthy” stuck in my head and the better I continued to feel inside. I ‘m not saying it will necessarily cure all your pain, but I am saying it can help you deal with health issues much better, as it is a reminder of wellness. Our thoughts are very powerful and play a huge roll in our health and happiness.

On a psychic & intuitive level… I Have never had a doubt that this water would not bring love , light , joy and better health to so many individual’s on a wide scale. Thank you Aquamantra for adding a glimpse of hope and healthiness to mine!" - Tara Thaler, Intuitivetara.net, Tustin, CA

“ To think is to create” ~ Anonymous

"The water tastes absolutely pure, like it's quenching more than just your thirst and the constant positive thoughts the bottle puts in your mind helps rejuvenate the spirit, at least it does mine!" -Dr. Tony Fedoryk, Chiropractor, Boyer Chiropractic

"I love the Aquamantra Water. It is refreshing and sweet! I love the mantras and consciously absorbing such thoughts and surrounding myself with such positive energy. I proudly take my water places to advertise this amazing product." -Poppy Moore, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

"The taste is zingy, like an energy high and it tastes pure, smooth, refreshing. It makes me feel good knowing that I'm drinking molecules of I AM HEALTHY. But the biggest effect on me is the reminder that you know what! I AM HEALTHY, it helps keep me on track." - Marnie Ross, Corona del Mar, CA

"I Love Aquamantra! I tryed "I am loved" water and I truly had a boost of positive natural energy! I thought of some fun mantras: I am pure, I am peace, I am free, I am fearless, I am fabulous, I am thirsty, I am quenched. Thanx, Aquamantra rox!

"Water was something that a lot of chemo patients say have an "off" taste once you begin treatment. Aquamantra tasted great the entire course; never tinny or too overwhelming on the mineral side. Just a clean, crisp taste." - Beth Lehman-Brooks, Inglewood Junior High Spanish

"I consider myself to be a water connoisseur; I've tried all bottled waters and Aquamantra is by far is the best tasting water available. It tastes so clean and refreshing, it feels alive and full of vitality. I've been drinking I AM LOVED for a year now and it not only tastes wonderful, it has completely stabilized my body's alkalinity. My body's PH level was very acidic and after drinking Aquamantra, I maintain a perfect PH balance. I truly believe I AM LOVED is LOVING my body. In addition, my energy has skyrocketed and my skin glows!" - Jennifer Mattox, Passion for Paws

"Aquamantra tastes surprisingly good. Anything that tastes good brings happiness inside. It’s pure so it reminds me to strive for clarity, purity and positive thoughts in my life and in spirit." - Kaylin Cannon, Long Beach, CA

"What I love about drinking Aquamantra water is the sense of peace I have drinking it (especially drinking "I am loved")! The flavor is smooth and refreshing-it seems to quench my thirst more than other waters!" -Charissa C. Shaw, MA, OTR, President, Ergolution, www.jointheergolution.com

"Aquamantra has a refreshing clean taste that seperates it from other bottled waters. Each one has there own unique taste!" - Cathy Ponsford, Orange, CA

“I appreciate that Aquamantra is locally bottled spring water rather than filtered tap water or shipped from far away. Most importantly it tastes fresh and delicious!” - Julie Stone, Irvine, CA

"Not only does Aquamantra taste amazing, you feel amazing too! How can you not feel "lucky" all day when you drink "I AM Lucky" water? Everything that day goes YOUR way!" - Leisa Ruis, Pura Vida Day Spa

"The simplicity of Aquamantra is that it doesn't have a taste that jumps out at you. You just feel like you are drinking the essence of what your body needs, and nothing else." - Lisa Cherney, Conscious Marketing Company

" I loved Aquamantra from the very first time I tasted it! It is extremely refreshing and invigorating. No matter which bottle I’m drinking that day, having it sit on my desk keeps me focused on all that I want in my life – more love, better health and lots of luck in everything I do! " - Alicia Ashley, Author of The Awakening

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Read the amazing stories and what I AM LUCKY is creating for people!

Eric Schnell who used to work with Steaz tells us a story about the luck he generated while drinking AQUAMANTRA I AM LUCKY Premium Natural Spring Water. He talks about winning some money, more than he ever imagined and is a firm believer in the power of positive thinking! Learn more at www.aquamantra.com/iamlucky.

Dear Aquamantra Team,
I would like to thank you for bringing so much luck into my life... It is fascinating how total strangers can change each others lives. A few days ago I started a new job. Somebody brought your water to the office and I got one bottle. Was so thirsty that even did not pay attention what says on it. Then I saw the "I AM LUCKY" sign and loved it, it is so beautiful, great idea to make such a positive impact on peoples lives. Every time I drink I think how lucky I am to be here and now, to have all the wonderful chances in life. Yes, I am lucky, this became my mantra, I repeat it to myself constantly, again and again. For the last three days I have a new habit: saying this beautiful mantra and the most important feeling it. I also believe that we create our own destiny with our thoughts and our positive attitude. But seeing is believing, because it is even more powerful conformation. For the last three days I changed and everybody noticed it. Everything I start ends very successfully, I made so many new friends and they all respect me and help me. Even my boss who knows me for such a little time, saw the changes, everybody in my office are calling me "Lucky" and I love it. On the second day since I started drinking your water I closed a deal for a very large amount of money, I also have 6 more deals to come this week. Another good that happened is the email I received from my ex-husband. I haven't heard from him for more then 6 years, so it was a great surpirse when he wrote in the letter that "he admires me that I am such a lucky girl". How about that... I feel and I am lucky. I always have bean, but thanks to your great water I remind that to myself every day. The mind has a great power for self-healing and for self-cleansing, your water is the best example. Thank you!

The Lucky Girl, Los Angeles, CA

Last week, I purchased a bottle of I am Lucky water and throughout the week I kept noticing a series of significant happenings that simply could not be defended as coincidental. I was absolutely amazed! I doubt these events happened just because I bought a bottle of water, however, I do believe the positive message on the bottle did cause me to look forward to something lucky happening. Perhaps, this alone was enough to manifest my good fortune? Whatever it is I like it and I am going to keep drinking I am Lucky water!
- Scott, Phoenix, AZ

"My friend's dad gave me a bottle of I AM LUCKY, I drank it for only an hour and I was skateboarding home and I found $20! Cool!", - Danny, Dana Point, CA

"Aquamantra, I wanted to let you know that I drank the I AM LUCKY water and got three deals from brokers today, (I'm in wholesale lending). At first, I thought it was a hoax but it really works, THANKS." - Marc Couch, Buena Park, CA

"Normally, I walk the Back Bay which is a very large natural preserve in Costa Mesa/Newport, for my daily routine. However, because it is such a vast and large area I was most concerned when I recognized I had lost my car keys about 2/3 the way through my walk. My alarm keys, house keys, mailbox keys, what a nightmare it would've been to replace them. Earlier that week, I had received a bottle of I AM LUCKY from a friend of mine at QUEEN BEE, in Newport Beach. I think its a fabulous concept and proudly have been drinking my water. I finished my walk, and went to my car... even though I had no keys to start it! And on my car was a note, with my keys, that in that time someone had found them and figured which car they belong to. Now... I know I AM LUCKY... What a profound relief... I will continue to drink I AM LUCKY! Thanks Aquamantra." - Rebecca Pantuso, Queen Bee Shopper, Costa Mesa, CA


"I have to tell you what happen today! I am so excited! I picked up my son, and explained to him about the water. He choose "I am Lucky", to take with him to his game. He played very very well today, probably the best he has ever played this season. He had to RBI's, he actually hit the ball twice and brought in three players. He caught a pop fly in the last inning and game was over. His team won 10-4! Everytime he was up to bat, I would yell, "I am Lucky" and wham, there went the ball! It was awesome! We are both so very excited about our connection with you! THANK YOU!" - Naomi Maldonado, Mission Viejo

"Over the weekend I drank “I Am Lucky” water. I swear it must be working. I almost bought Fiji but the guy up front pointed out some other brands instead. There was “I Am Lucky”, “I Am Loved”, and I forget what the other one was called. He advised me to get one of the mantra waters instead of the Fiji because he claimed it really worked. “I’ve been drinking the ‘I Am Loved’ and boy am I loved now!”, he told me. Alright alright… cut the sales pitch… give me the “I Am Lucky” water. I need some luck damnit! So I drank the water and like the bottle said I repeated the mantra with every sip and I’ll tell you… it really did work. I checked my inbox and I had 2 long lost friends and a bunch of modeling bookings. Pretty cool eh? Do you want to “get lucky” too? " -XoXoX, BB

“Since I have been drinking I AM LUCKY… money has been coming in that I have completely forgotten about or not expected. Business has been in a dip lately for me and our whole office so money has been tight and I have had a lot of new expenses. Not knowing where the money would come from for a couple bills I have been making sure to drink I AM LUCKY throughout my day. Since I started doing that, I have received checks for $550, $450, $1,900 plus at Tuesday’s baseball game I won about $26 in our “pass the hat game” and now just this morning I won the 50/50 drawing at my morning networking meeting. So between my two bottles of I AM LUCKY and my two bottles of I AM HEALTHY I drink every day I am planning on being the richest, healthiest SOB in Newport Beach by the end of the month. Oddly enough I got the I AM HEALTHY water the weekend just before I was starting my 21 day cleans and detox. So it’s hard to say what I can attribute my health too, the eating only fruits and vegetables and not consuming any caffeine or alcohol, or the I AM HEALTHY water. Either way I am sure it is helping. Thanks for the water and the luck Aquamantra! “ -Dr. Tony Fedoryk, Boyer Chiropractic, Costa Mesa, CA

"My friend gave me a bottle which had the words I AM LUCKY on it. It was so cool looking that I saved it, until recently my husband I decided we were going to out to the local Casino. I told my husband that I had been drinking the LUCKY water all day, and even though he was kind of laughing at me... I was the one with the last laugh, I won $200 that night! I am drinking I AM LUCKY every day...thanks Aquamantra." - Edny Gonzalez, Santa Ana, CA

"My account executive handed me this bottle of I AM LUCKY water, and said drink this water and see what happens. He explained about creating our reality and it makes sense so I took the bottle home to my house and showed my kids. The next day my son said to me, 'Dad, I have a basketball game tonight, can I drink some of that LUCKY water?'... of course, I gave it to him. Needless, to say we were both pretty excited when he won his game. It didn't take long for us to be believers... Great concept Aquamantra, thanks for sharing." - Efron, Irvine, CA

"I started a new sales job 2 months ago, and to date I hadn't closed any deals. I shouldn't expect to for at least 6 months, we sell large medical equipment. A friend gave me some Aquamantra I AM LUCKY water, and told me to watch The Secret. I did and immediately I began to change how I felt about my job. After drinking it for 2 days, I closed a $200,000 deal. I was amazed... there's something to it... all I know is I am lucky now!" -Mike Murphy, Dana Point, CA

"I am loving I AM LUCKY and I just won $50 bucks and an amazing book by a fabulous author at a tradeshow, out of 200 people! I drink and think I AM LUCKY each and every day. I believe our minds create our lives. Thank you Aquamantra!" - Melissa Wells, Costa Mesa, CA

"I just have to share with you, Eliot has been drinking from the "I Am Lucky" bottle and he just won 4 tix to the celebrity flag football championship Super Bowl weekend in Hollywood. Doug Flutie is one of the team captains, and Eliot will spend time with him and other NFL players learning the game, playing a kids scrimmage and then watching the championship between numerous NFL current and previous players. Eliot is convinced it is because of the water :>)) He is soooooo excited." - Janeen, Florida

"It was great to have you at the event (Emerson Hall Fitness 2 Year Anniversary Party) everyone was very pleased with your product and has been buying it up since. I have also made a habit of giving a a few "I am lucky" bottles to my VIP clients before award shows and big auditions. Gerard Butler (star of 300), I required him to drink only "I am Lucky" the day of the MTV Movie Awards. He won! Cute huh? - Be well -Juliet"

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Hear it in their own words... fans and consumers of AQUAMANTRA, why they drink our water.


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