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What Kind of Water for Betta Fish?

Beta fish is such a beautiful fish. But, they are delicate fish as well. Especially, when it comes to their water.

What Kind of Water for Betta Fish?

If you don’t want to lose your fish, one by one, then you should make sure that you know exactly what kind of water your betta fish should have.

And, you should make sure that you how to upkeep the aquarium to keep your Betta fish healthy.

You want to make sure that your betta fish is healthy and not dying on you. Something that happens a lot to other people. People that don’t know what kind of water is best for the betta fish.

Can You Use Distilled Water?


Use Distilled Water for Betta Fish

Even, if you think that distilled water is a lot healthier than tap water, this is the one thing that you should not even consider doing. Because of this, many people have lost their betta fish.

For those that don’t know what distilled water is, this is the bottled water that you can purchase in stores for drinking. The water that is healthier to us than tap water.

In distilled water, there are actually not any minerals in the water. They are removing it. And, we all know that fish, especially betta fish needs to have minerals to stay healthy and alive.

Not, even if you add minerals to the water, this is something that you should consider.  Not with delicate fish as betta fish.

Tap Water


Tap Water for Betta Fish

Many people think that tap water is the last thing that you should add to your betta fish tank. However, this is the one thing that might be best for your fish.

The only thing that you should make sure about is if the water is right in quality and that there aren’t any dangerous chemicals added that can be dangerous.

An easy way to know if the water is going to be fine for your betta fish is to consider drinking tap water. If you know that the tap water isn’t safe to drink, it will not be safe for your betta fish.

Making Sure About the pH Levels

Tap water might be the best thing for your betta fish, but you should make sure that the PH levels are correct. Normally tap water’s PH levels are on the low end. And, betta fish needs to have a PH level of 7.0 in order to be healthy.

There are different ways that you can test the water’s PH levels. You can take it to an aquarium shop for testing, or you can purchase a PH tester and test the water frequently, yourself.

The Importance of Using Water Conditioners with the Tap Water

Another thing that you might want to add to your aquarium, with the tap water is a conditioner. This is because of the different chemicals used to keep the water safe for drinking. This can make the water hard and this isn’t something that the betta fish like.

There are different softeners for aquariums that you can purchase, that will make it healthier for fish. You should do some research or ask professional assistance for the best conditioner for your tank. Then you will know that you aren’t going to make mistakes with purchasing the wrong conditioner.

In Short

The correct water is important for betta fish to thrive in. Most people will think that distilled or bottled water is the best water to use. This is without any chemicals. However, this is also without the minerals that the fish needs to stay healthy. Minerals that you will find in ordinary tap water.

The only thing to consider is the PH level. A PH level of 7.0 is going to ensure that you are going to have healthy and thriving fish. By purchasing a PH tester, you will be able to test the water’s PH levels. Conditioners might also be needed to be added, for the healthiest water for betta fish.

Betta fish. The one fish that most aquarium owners love to have. But, because these fish can die so easily, people are afraid to purchase these fish. The moment that you know what kind of water you should have in your betta fish aquarium, the easier it is going to be to keep them in good condition.

The last thing that you might think is recommended for your betta fish is tap water. But, this is truly the best thing for your fish. With the right PH level and some conditioner added to the water, this is the best thing that you can do for your betta fish.

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